To Access Setek WiFi Extender Login Page

Want to make changes to the settings of your Setek WiFi range extender? Are you looking to set up your range extender? Both of these tasks require you to access the Setek WiFi extender login page. And the login page can be accessed using the default IP address of the extender which is Use the information provided on this web page to learn how to log in and reach the admin dashboard of your extender on a web browser.

How to Use to Log in to Setek Extender?

Step 1: Connect the Devices

Step 2: Turn the Devices On

  • Connect the extender’s power adapter into a wall outlet and turn it on as well.
  • Let the light turn solid.

Step 3: Connect to Network

  • Turn on a computer or laptop.
  • Ensure its WiFi is turned on.
  • Connect it to the extender’s WiFi.
Connect to Network

Step 4: Launch a Browser

  • On the computer, launch an internet browser.
  • The browser that you are using should be updated to the most recent version.
  • It should also be free from cache, cookies, and browsing history.
Connect to Network

Step 5: Input Login Details

  • In the address field of the browser, type
  • Hit Enter.
  • A login window will open up.
  • Key in admin username and password in the given fields.
  • The default value is “admin” for both username and password.
  • In case you have changed the admin password after the setup, then use the modified password.
  • Click Login.
  • You are now logged in.
Connect to Network

You will now reach the admin dashboard of your Setek WiFi extender. You can customize its settings now. You can change the admin password or WiFi password from here. You can also change the network name or SSID of your extender.

Setek WiFi Extender Login Not Working? Do This!

Under any circumstances, if you are failing to access the Setek WiFi extender login page, then you can try the troubleshooting hacks that we have provided here. These are the best solutions that have helped various extender users.

How to Fix Setek Login Issues?

Check the Connections

Power Cycle Network

Verify Login Details

Use an Updated and Clean Browser

Disable VPN and Antivirus

After using these troubleshooting tips, you should be able to access the Setek WiFi extender login page using without any problems.

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