Setek WiFi Extender Setup

Installing a Setek WiFi range extender to improve the home network range can be an ordeal sometimes. But, it won’t be anymore if you walk through the information provided here. This page will walk you through easy steps to complete the Setek WiFi extender setup using the default IP address and that too in 3 different modes that are Access Point mode, Router mode, and Repeater mode. The WPS method to set up the Setek extender has been also discussed here.

Apart from these setup modes and methods, you will get to know the troubleshooting techniques to be followed by you if somehow, you are not able to make your Setek range extender up and running. We also recommend you watching the detailed video to learn about the Setek setup that covers the whole nine yards of the installation process.

Setek Setup: Different Modes

A Setek WiFi extender can be set up in three modes:

Access Point Mode

In this mode, the wired signal is converted to wireless signal such that multiple devices can be connected to the internet.

Router Mode

In the router mode, the extender is connected to DSL or modem and helps provide wired signals to several client devices.

Repeater Mode

This is the default mode for the Setek extender or repeater. The existing signal is amplified or extended to increase the WiFi coverage.

Depending on your internet requirements, you can choose the operating mode to set up your extender with the existing home network.

How to Setup Setek WiFi Extender?

You can complete the setup process for your Setek extender in two ways:

Setek WiFi Extender Set Up via

  • Turn off the existing router or modem for some time and let it recover its settings.
  • Connect the Setek extender to the host router( modem if setting up in Router Mode) using an Ethernet cable.
  • Choose the internet port on the extender to make the connection.
  • Turn on the extender now.
  • Use your computer and connect it to the extender’s WiFi. You can connect the devices using a cable.
Note: The WiFi name for Setek extender is SETEK. There is no password needed to connect to this network.
  • Open a browser and you will be redirected to the set up management page.
  • If this does not happen then type and press Enter.
  • A login screen will appear.
  • Input the default login password as password and click Login.
  • The Setek extender dashboard will show up.
  • Select the mode that you want to set up your extender in.
  • This will search for existing networks.
  • Choose the network that you want to extend.
  • Type the WiFi password of the existing network.
  • Click Connect.
Note: The WiFi name assigned to your Setek extender network will be existing router’s network name with a plus symbol in the end or it will simply be SETEK. The WiFi password will be the router’s WiFi password.
  • Your extender will reboot once the setup is completed.
Have various client devices connected to the extender’s network and enjoy seamless internet access.

Setek Setup Using WPS Button

  • Place the Setek extender closer to the host router.
  • Turn on the router first.
  • Plug the power adapter of the extender into a wall outlet.
  • Let the LED turn solid.
  • Locate and press the WPS button on the router for about 2-3 seconds.
  • Within 50 seconds, press the WPS button located on your extender.
  • Wait for some time now. The extender will reboot itself.
  • Observe the light on the extender. It will go off and turn solid once the connection is made between the devices.

This is all about how to set up Setek WiFi extender using the WPS button.

Facing Issues Setting Up Setek WiFi Extender?

  • Make sure all the connections that you made are stable and secure.
  • The cables that you have used should be in good condition.
  • Use the right ports to connect the devices. The internet port on the extender should be connected to the LAN port on the router.
  • Press the WPS button for the right amount of time as mentioned above.
  • The time gap between the pressing of WPS buttons on both deives should not exceed 50 seconds.
  • If you still fail to set up your extender, then power cycle the entire home network. Power off the router as well as the extender. Remove the cables connected to them. Give a gap of at least 5 minutes and then make all the connections once again. Turn on the router first and then turn on the extender.
  • If no other hack worked then perform Setek WiFi extender reset and restore the extender to the factory settings.

Setek WiFi Extender Setup Done? What Next?

As soon as you are done with Setek WiFi extender set up, you can move it to a new location where you want to extend the existing network. Keep into consideration the points given below while choosing a new location for your extender:
  • Place the extender within the router’s range.
  • It should maintain a line of sight with the router.
  • Keep it in an open place.
  • Choose a higher shelf.
  • Avoid congested places.
  • Keep it away from other networking devices.
  • It should not be closer to microwave ovens, smart devices, Bluetooth devices and other home appliances.
As you are now done with the Setek WiFi extender setup and have relocated it to the best possible location in your home, you can now connect various client devices and enjoy its WiFi.

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