Setek WiFi Extender: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default IP address for Setek WiFi extender login?

Ans. The default IP address for your extender is

How far should I place my Setek extender from the router?

Ans. The ideal place should be halfway between the router and the area with WiFi dead zone. However, make sure that it sits within the router’s range.

Can I set up the extender with any router?

Ans. Yes, most Setek range extenders can be used with any router. However, check the router-extender compatibility before investing in one.

What should be the status of the LED on the extender after the setup is done?

Ans. Before the setup is done the LED on the extender should be blinking. Once the setup is successful, the light turns solid.

Do I actually need a wireless range extender?

Ans. If you have a home with multiple rooms or storeys and there are areas in the home where internet access is difficult, then consider getting a WiFi range extender.

How many devices can I connect with the extender’s WiFi?

Ans. It completely depends on model to model. Refer to the Setek WiFi extender manual pdf.

Which setup method should I choose?

Ans. There are two ways to complete Setek WiFi extender setup. WPS method is a simple and quick method. Another method is the web interface method in which you access Setek WiFi extender login page. You can choose any method as per your convenience.

What is the default password for my range extender?

Ans. The default password is admin.

Is the admin password the same as the WiFi password?

Ans. No, both these passwords are different entities. The admin password is the one that you use to reach the dashboard while the WiFi password is used to connect client devices to the extender’s WiFi.

What is the best location to place the Setek extender?

Ans. Place your extender in an open place away from devices like microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, and other devices that emit EM waves.

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